Why Young Living

We get asked often, “Why did you choose Young Living?

Young Living has been around as a company for over 20 years. Gary Young, founder, has been a guru of sorts in the essential oil and distilling industry (about 40+ years)… literally a key player in bringing essential oils back into modern use with the French Method of usage in particular. (French, German & British ways of using EO’s are completely different – this is another topic for another day)

Christan and Connie's Visit to the Farm in Utah...

Christan and Connie’s Visit to the Farm in Utah…

Here’s some highlights to why we choose this brand:

  • We have Gary Young and his experience that others learn from
  • 20+ year old company (others are fairly new- most 5-6 years)
  • Largest EO company in the world
  • The only company that owns their own farms in indigenous regions globally
  • Strict ‘Seed to Seal’ process  – go here to read more about that process
  • Farms are hand weeded; no toxic chemicals;
  • 8 different tests including 3rd party
  • If it doesn’t pass Gary’s standards (even though it may meet other standards, it does get bottled)
  • Essential oil’s make it back into the fields as herbicides
  • Distilled and tested on site
  • Any farms can be visited…its not proprietary (love that open door policy!)

Some things to consider:

  • Most outsourcers distill hot and fast and sometimes with added chemical solvents or synthetics- these oils can still be labeled %100 pure or even therapeutic grade.
  • Oils from stores are perfume grade and will say “not for internal use” and sometimes “not for topical use” which should be a red flag. I have even seen some EO’s that are highlighted as supported to the immune system and then has a warning that its flammable.
  • Oils on Amazon can be bought, diluted, and recapped, and resold

I challenge you to call any other company and ask what there system/policy is compared toy Young Living. I have done this myself…. it was quite an eye opening experience.


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