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Welcome Letter

Welcome to Young Living & Our Eagles of Valor Family!

We are so excited that you chose the path to good health, and we get to walk it together. We (Eagles of Valor) are here on this journey together and are ready to help you get started so you can make the best use of the investment made in your oils. Take your time visiting this site – we are adding to it frequently, as we find and build great resources!


If you have not yet ordered your member kit, THIS is your first step – please contact the person who referred you to get rolling! You may even find this person’s enrollment link on our Team Leader Page or you can simply Click Here to Enroll if you don’t already have a contact person.


  • Your first step – get ready to use your oils when they arrive!
  • Click here to sign up for one or more of our email subscriptions
  • Log in to the Virtual office and on the ‘Dash Board’ click the getting started tab.
  • Have your Resource books nearby. This will be handy for looking up information on a variety of topics!
  • Thinks Oils First! When a need arises or just wanting a new protocol for wellness and vitality…Think Oils! This will be the start of a whole new healthy way of living towards optimal wellness! Here’s a post to read to get you started.
  • Attend an introductory class for some basics on safety and usage and more! you can even watch our online class here! or check out the ‘About Essential Oils’ section and watch the videos and read info there!
  • Attend a 201 or ‘What’s Next’ class near you or schedule one with your sponsor or enroller – (be sure to check the events page in the main menu) With tips and tools on how to use your oils efficiently, what you may want to consider next, and making every order count and get you points toward free oils, this class is invaluable for learning about your oils. Or SIGN UP for our Academy that is a little more in depth on line!
  • Check out the ‘Resource Section‘ we are compiling that may be beneficial for you!
  • Browse through the files section in the Eagles of Valor Facebook group to assist you in learning and growing to navigate your way through getting the FULL benefits of your membership with Young Living as well as joining in the community conversations.
  • Be sure you subscribe to this website for updates you can get in your email box when we post a new blog post!
  • Interested in getting in on any bulk buys we do? Here’s our Facebook group for coordinating that.


Sharing with others…

While there is ZERO obligation to build a business with your wholesale membership, you may have friends interested and want to share with them accurate information – If you are at all curious about how to launch a class to share with interested friends and family – please reach out if you would like some guidance or if you want someone to teach one for you and some friends. Perhaps you may want to know more about the business side of things…if thats the case, we have a separate group and area of the website dedicated to that process too! Talk to your enroller about getting connected with these resources!

Make a link to send to a friend who wants a kit too (again, does not imply you are building a business, this is more of a referral link you can build for yourself):
You can go HERE and enter your member # as Sponsor ID and Enroller ID, then copy the pink link in the section where it says “your URL.” Save that link and share it with friends or family who are ready to order.

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