There are a few types of ‘oily users’ out there in the world!

  • Mine are still in the packaging
  • I think I opened the box and smelled a few
  • I religiously use a couple since they smell good and quickly discarded the rest
  • I have them all, use some and the ones I don’t know what to use them for- I saved as I am sure they will one day serve a purpose
  • I regularly use oils and learn as I go (the regular user)
  • I can’t get enough info!!! These are amazing (the EXCITED regular user)

The regulars, I have found to fall into one of two categories:

  • Regimen! Routine! Stick to it!
  • No routine- there’s thought, but not necessarily ‘same bat time, same bat channel’ approach!

If yours are still in the box- take them out!! If you need some great resources, check out our resource page and get your education on! You can also continue to peruse the blog!!

What I REALLY want to address in this post is our approach. We all have to do what we feel comfortable with as we learn and grow in knowledge as well as safety. Keep in mind that some oils should be stayed away from or used with caution with certain medical conditions.  These include epilepsy, high or low blood pressure, different stages of pregnancy and nursing, as well as on infants, small children and the elderly. THIS is why its so important to have some resources on hand. I always suggest, dilute until you know for sure, less is more in the beginning, and follow the protocol on the labeling for usage. Remember that many people will feel comfortable using oils in different ways, as they study reliably documented research, and as needs may arise.

A label can’t possibly tell us ALL we need to know about ANY product…

OK- now that thats all out of the way, I want to share my personal approach to using essential oils for my family.

While education and knowledge are key, we also have something pretty cool called intuition. A quick dictionary search tells us that intuition means:

  • the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. (instinct)
  • a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. (hunch, inkling, idea, sense)

There are times, I am sure, that when presented with an array of fruits and veggies on a platter, you may choose one kind over another even though you may equally like them all. It wasn’t premeditated or thought out; it may have had something to do with your taste buds in the moment. In either case, without much thought, you reach for one over the other. Your body may have craved something in that particular item even though both items may be high in antioxidants, however, there could be research found as to how one may be slightly higher in some other benefit factor that for some reason you needed! All this happens, typically, without much thought given!! Well this has been my approach with essential oil usage.

“An intuitive approach.”

It has been studied and can be easily found and understood that our bodies require many different sources of foods, minerals, etc that almost sort of overlap in nature but are still profoundly different. As you do a little research on properties that can be found in herbs or spices in any form (live or dried botanical or essential oil) you will quickly discover an amazing amount of overlap that can make them appear very similar. Example: You may find MANY different plants that are highly antiviral in content ( can show much of this research on particular plants as well as your resources). This inevitably bears the Question – Which one should I use? Why? How often? etc. We have been conditioned to think of everything in a ‘scripted’ sort of way. This leaves no room for variables. The truth is while they may all be antiviral, one may better for a particular reason than another. Botanicals are not made up of one constituent or property, but hundreds! For this reason they may affect us all differently at different times.

It benefits our bodies greatly to switch things up a bit. The key is to pay attention and ask ourselves questions like:vitality-spice_24402640495_o

  • What changed, if anything?
  • How do I feel?
  • Should I use more frequently to effect change?
  • Should I try something different?
  • Should I add something to the routine in the moment?


Many times I will switch up an oil used and rotate them. There was a time when something less than desirable was making its way through my house and we all needed some serious immune boosting help for our systems. I comprised a small list on a notepad of things that may be helpful:

  • Roller of immune boosting oils diluted ready to roll on feet (one of three different Premade concoctions)
  • The above to be rolled along the spine
  • Melrose (tea tree/rosemary blend) on the neck
  • Thieves germ spray in the throat
  • Gargle Thieves mouthwash
  • RC around eyes and behind ears down to nodes in throat
  • Raven on chest
  • Breathe Again on chest
  • Thieves throat lozenges

In the case I am mentioning here – I would shout out every 20-30 minutes… “OIL TIME!” and EVERYONE could pick ANYthing from the list to do. I left it up to intuition and each member of my family seemed to have something they would do each time that they just felt they should do. Now, of course this can be more challenging with kids who aren’t paying attention to the above questions to ask themselves. However, even if you alternate a bit, you may notice one thing just working better than another OR the combination of them all can be the key!

Point being, many times keeping a very scripted way and regimented way of doing things can actually be the very thing that holds us back. Imagine if you ate the same food at the same time day in and day out… not only would it be boring but you would be limiting yourself nutritionally to only what was provided in that handful of foods. We need an array! A variety! Our bodies are constantly changing from many factors that we don’t even realize. So providing a variety can be super beneficial! For this reason, I appreciate that many of the resource books list a handful of suggestions as well as application methods.

So – think OUTSIDE of the script. Consider trial and error to be your friend. There is no definite science to how and what will work best. We are all so very very unique and different. Often times we have an accumulation of things in us that just layer symptoms one on top of another. As we rid ourselves of one thing, or support and enhance one area, the item need will change the next time a similar symptom or support need arises. I operate this way with many supplements as well. Since my diet and surroundings can change, my needs may change from season to season.

I would love to hear from you about how you change things up and your approach!! What are some things that you bounce between as alternatives?


  • ‘Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide’ by D.Gary Young
  • ‘The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple’ by David Stewart
  • ‘The Essential Oils Desk Reference’ by Life Science Publishing



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