Healthy changes can seem so overwhelming…With all that we should caution ourselves with, How do we know what to do first? Have you ever looked at whats IN your shampoo, lotions or anything else you use? There is a lot we don’t know! I encourage you to do your research and use resources.

Once we learn these things, we cannot ‘unlearn’ them. This can begin an overwhelming thought to throw EVERYTHING out and start over! Some can do that…most (myself included) cannot… So I decided a few years ago that I would make changes one step at a time. Now that my essential oil journey (part of those steps for me) has begun… Its a drop at a time. There is so much to learn! I am so grateful that everyday needs can be met naturally…with anything from foods, juices and fresh herbs…to more concentrated forms found within Essential Oils.

Feel free to visit our ‘About Essential Oils section for videos on how to and safety – If you haven’t already.

Starting something new takes courage and valor! Many times it’s against the grain. Soar on…Essential Oils


So…If you are just starting out…remember to take it one drop at a time! #JointheRevOILution and visit our Welcome Letter to you!



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