I couldn’t do a back to school post without also giving some love to those headed off to college. College is a HUGE step and helping out kids maintain their bodies and their space in a natural toxin-free way will help them with the edge they need to conquer this new endeavor.

We also think that this is a great opportunity for your kids to take on new responsibilities. Just like no one will be there telling them to get to class or finish that paper, we also won’t be there to make sure they are taking their probiotics or rubbing oils on their feet. This may be a great time for them to get their OWN membership and start their own oily habits. This also gives them the opportunity to share with friends in school and earn a bit of spending money if they feel the need. Either way they will have the opportunity to learn to manage their own wellness in the safety of knowing mom probably has a few drops of Thieves she can overnight if I forget to change my ER order.

Whether a membership is in their future or not, their own kit is a fantastic start along with these favorite products:

And of course you couldn’t talk about being dorm room ready without thinking about a college kid’s 2 (cough, least) favorite things! Hygiene and cleaning!!! These awesome favorites will keep them squeeky clean, or at least passing as presentable, for the lecture hall or study group.


If your teen is off to the big leagues, stay sane my friends! And if all else fails… chug some NingXia Red!

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