On the go? Aren’t we all!? How in the world do I carry everything I could possibly need with me when leaving my home? What is the most important oils to take? I mean…I use them all!

It would be wonderful if I could take my entire apothecary station with me… But I do believe this would just slow down my ability to live at lightning speed. (Kidding- before you send me messages reminding me to create margin in my life, and slowing down to smell the roses, rest assured I am saying this for effect.) Truth is, we all experience the busyness of life on occasion with work, spouses, children and activities. So how do we know what to plan on having with us when we are on the go?

This post brings hope of narrowing things down a bit for all those oily lovers out there!! I must confess to having many favorites; this is my attempt to narrow it down a bit by category. First let me give a big shout out to my teammates, Eagles of Valor, for thier imput and my husband, Alex, for getting the ball rolling by posting for your feedback!! Here’s his on the go pack ready to be filled:


I could start off with some of the on the go- traditional items like supplemetal and complimentary products: hand sanitize, thieves spray, or maybe even some mints…etc. But for this post, we will procede with oils on the brain as our Top 10 focus.

So…how do we get started?

First I suggest taking a look at what you tend to use most of the time. Have you already set up your wellness plan? Start there. Here’s are some thought provoking questions to get you started:

  1. What do you most want to work on to support overall wellness in your life? What body system support is needed?
  2. What do you tend to be reaching for most of the time? Is it support on a certain area? Something to flavor your beverage?
  3. Which aromas help you feel like you can conquer what’s before you?

Here’s the top favorites of many happy healthy oilers out there: 

Untitled design

The benefits for these oils in the above selection are amazing and truly support a variety of body systems that you will be grateful to have on hand in case they are needed. For my family, after making the decision to use God’s creation within the essential oils for wellness support, it became imperative to have them available while traveling away from home, even for a bike ride. If there was a desire to use an oil and it isnt readily available, we would natuarlly be forced to not be able to address the issue or revert back to using items that could be potentially filled with either harmful chemicals or manmade chemical constituents that do not carry the same long term benefits.

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