About Our Team

We are a group of friends that got started on our essential oil journey with Young Living at roughly the same time. Deciding to create a local team atmosphere to support one another’s learning curve and share strengths and talents was a driving force in the beginnings of the Eagles of Valor team. We know it takes great courage to get back to the grass roots of health and wellness, this can go against the grain of our current society. Keeping that in mind, will help you understand what’s behind our name…Eagles of Valor.

We are amazed and blessed by the global growth that has occurred since starting in the spring of 2014. While that may have been the beginnings for Eagles of Valor, the sheer awesomeness of this community really comes from all of our members including YOU! This is what we most love about our group! So without further ado- here’s a little bit about the EOV team…

Gold Leaders

Alex & Christan Morales

Alex & Christan Morales

Gold Member ID 1788455

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Silver Leaders

Alicia Clenndenin

Alicia Clenndenin

Member ID 200419

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Kate DeGraide

Kate DeGraide

Member ID 1933352


Rebecca Elliott

Member Id 2083550

Suzana Bouchard

Member Id 2042691

Hannah Garza

Member Id 2419865

Tabitha Booth

Member Id 2149609

Laruen Watson

Member Id 2221442

L.B. O'nan

Member Id 213033

Executive Leaders

David & Amanda Simas

David & Amanda Simas

Executive Member ID 1768729

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Julie Cote

Julie Cote

Member ID 2112983

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Ashley Leightenheimer

Ashley Leightenheimer

Member ID 2114781

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Christiana Gondreau

Christiana Gondreau

Member ID 1817324


Sarah McKenna

Sarah McKenna

Member Id 1840304

Kelsie Zarko

Member ID 3505143

Kimber Brownlee

Member Id 2945577

Eagles are remarkable:

  • They have incredible eyesight – A big, focused vision
  • Fearless: they do not surrender to the size or strength of what they are going after
  • Tenacious: In the face of a storm, most birds would hide and seek shelter from, the eagle spreads its mighty wings and rises, using the storm to help propel it forward
  • High Fliers: the altitude in which eagles tends to fly, are much higher than any other bird
  • Nurture Their Young: no member of the bird family nurtures and cares for its young the way the eagle does. Even though we know the strength and aggression an eagle can have. The way in which they teach their young to fly is different from most birds as well. A mother eagle will carry her young on her back high up and then drop one, watch and then catch…this process is repeated until the young builds strength to fly and soar on her own.

Valor Essential Oil

It is not only among the list of favorite oils, but the word valor means courage and bravery especially in the face of adversity. This is so much like the Eagle.   Isaiah 40:31 – But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

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