originally written by: Kate DeGraide
I’ve been into natural and holistic treatments most of my life. When I was 18, living in LA, I had a Japanese soaker tub surrounded with essential oils from the health food store. I’d get out of the tub with a huge red ring around my body since I didn’t know how to use them. I never really saw any amazing results with these oils but it felt a bit mysterious to bathe in frankincense and myrrh!


Fast forward a few decades and most of my loved ones have been subjected to one of my many “health” treatments like garlic/ginger/cayenne tea, but nothing ever worked in a way that was obvious enough to not just be coincidence. I think my husband would just pretend he wasn’t sick so he didn’t have to be “tortured”.kate D kids


In the fall of 2013, a few friends (Laura Beth O’Nan and Rebecca Elliot) mentioned a product they were going to use to boost their kids immune system – it was an essential oil blend. I was skeptical, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try so I got on Amazon and got a different brand’s ‘family physicians kit’! (Sometimes I move too fast)

I started using these oils but I really didn’t see the results I had hoped for.


Sometime in early 2014 I was invited to like Amanda Simas’ facebook page about essential oils. I was so excited because I really wanted to know more about them and she was someone from my past that I loved and trusted. I also knew there was no way she was in this for the money.


I would search for her page because it didn’t come up enough in my newsfeed and I spent most of my nights on the web researching and learning more about EOs. I was conflicted though – she used Young Living and I liked the ‘look’ of another brand better. I began to dig and dig and dig until I was convinced that Young Living was the superior product, and learned that I couldn’t be assured of quality if buying off of Amazon. I signed up under her, got my kit, and started to see great success treating my immediate and extended family. I even won my husband over after about 6 months when I using frankincense for a headache!

kate and neil


In the Fall of 2014 I was planning on starting an aromatherapy certification program when I got invited to do an 8 week bootcamp on Facebook by a friend in another leg – not my upline. I really didn’t know what it was and readily accepted, thinking I would learn all the ins and outs of oil use and be whipping up concoctions for homework! On the 1st day, I was shocked to find that it was all about how to grow your YL business to silver in six months. I was a bit disappointed, but the over achieving competitor in me was too intrigued not to atleast check it out. I didn’t want to be won over, but by the end of the 1st week I had a vision I couldn’t make go away.


What if I could get all of my favorite people to sign up and use all our collective resources and talents to build something far greater than any of us could do alone? What if we could take financial pressure off our families by making the world a healthier place while getting to stay home with our children?
I told my friend Rebecca she had to do this with me. She told me she was not a sales person. I told her if she would do all the things I’m horrible at that I would make us money! My husband gave us our name! It was either Myrrhmaids or Brides of Frankincense. I started making coffee dates with all of my favorites and picking them off one by one. I shared the oils and the business because my passion was for both!


I knew, though, that if we were going to pursue this long term and with a clear conscience that education and support would have to be our highest aim, above making ranks or getting rich! This is why we created Myrrhmaids! We get excited about helping our friends get their oils paid for, but we’re even more excited to empower them to care for their families and grow as leaders.


This has been such an amazing journey! We hit Silver in Six in the Spring 2015, and I’ve seen tremendous growth in my team in a very short time! There are ups and downs and some days I wonder what this singer/songwriter thinks she’s doing! Getting to see lives improved through better health and building a dream bigger than I could accomplish alone has been one of the greatest thrills of my life. I am so honored to be in this with you and bursting to see what the next few years holds for us all!


Additional Note from Team Eagles:

Kate and her team have been an incredible support to our team at large, especially in regards to helpful tools that have been used in our ‘beyond your kit’ type information. While still a part of the ‘Eagles Family’, the vision of  Myrrhmaids has been coming to fruition. You may see the branding of ‘Myrrhmaids’ on a handful of educational material/videos we share. We are very grateful! Thanks Kate and the rest of the team for your true team spirit example!

Fun fact: our ‘Flight Academy…Taking off on your Oily Journey’ was adapted from their original Myrrhmaid Academy.   Click here to visit the ‘Myrrhmaid-Blog’


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