My name is Christiana Gondreau and I am a wife to a wonderful husband, a mother to 5 beautiful children, and an absolutely passionate person about health. Yes, I am one of “those” people…but I wasn’t always. christiana and paul

My journey into health began with my third child who was born at 25 weeks and 2 days. From before he was born to every day since, I have not played by the “conventional” rules. I am a researcher, learner, advocate, changer, and more. My son awoke in me a person I had yet to meet before he was born and, for that, I am grateful. My passion is my family. My son added a little more depth to that passion: my passion is my family and keeping them healthy. And, as we go on our way, I bring others along in our journey.

Christiana G Family

All of my children matter to me, but my third child is the one that has challenged me to walk a little further, a little higher, and to take that path that is less travelled, all for the sake of a better quality of life. He has very involved Cerebral Palsy, which means that everything is more complicated with him. So, keeping him healthy and everyone in my family is of paramount importance. I look at everything and educate myself deeply if I think that it may support this goal.

I began my experience with essential oils through my twin sister, but perhaps not in the most welcoming of ways. She would use Lavender and other oils on her children, and I would smirk to myself and mutter under my breath. Did she really think pretty smelling oils would help?

Years passed and I was on a stagnant plateau as a mom, desperately needing a new toolbox of options to use with my son in supporting him with simple everyday needs. I needed something I wasn’t already using to support him and every system in his body. He is extremely hypersensitive and, yet, very strong constitutionally.

Essential oils exploded into my life, literally, one evening in May of 2014. I was invited to a Facebook class and, since I had begun to wonder more about them, decided to attend. That same evening, a friend (now my upline) posted a lecture which I played in the background while I finished evening tasks, and I was grilling my twin sister through texts of a billion questions. That evening sent me into an intense week of research and discovery on essential oils, trying to settle on who my source would be. I landed with Young Living Essential Oils because I truly believe that their quality is unmatched.

I jumped into using essential oils without any intention of growing a business. I do know how this business works and am a passionate advocate for all the benefits it can offer. Knowing how it works, though, I was pretty clear in my head that I would finance my essential oils by sharing a little bit. Well, I can never share a little bit if I am completely in love with something I am using. And, when you have that passion, it does (imagine that) spill over to those around you! So, I like to call my Young Living Essential Oils business my “accidental” business because it has grown through the passionate usage and sharing of these wonderful little bottles I carry with me all of the time.

Education is key. This mama now has a huge toolbox of wonderfully (mostly) smelling essential oils that my kids, husband, and friends ask for in a way that I wish I had asked my twin sister. She really did know what she was doing…

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