I started my oily quest during the endless moments watching while my littlest was laying in the ICU for 6 days with monitors and tubes all over his body, fighting. I don’t mean to start so dramatic, but when your 12 month old’s oxygen levels get so low that he is rushed to the ICU 2 days after his birthday, there is drama involved.

It was at a fantastic New England Childrens Hospital with a dozen medical professionals around the bed that I realized, it’s as simple as a germ to push you close to being THAT mom everyone weeps for. The hospital could do nothing but blow air up his nose and monitor him.

I started scouring the internet for natural ways to combat bugs in a way that would build up immunity and strengthen his weakened respiratory system instead of undermining it. After all, I was raised by a big hippy and was trending towards “hippy” myself.I found a resounding answer in Essential Oils. Through all of the internet’s plethora of “noise” on the topic I finally found what I was looking for thanks to a few great friends. In April 2014 I bought my kit.


Swearing I would never do this as a business (I’m not really standard MLM material), I dove head first into the world of essential oils, learning everything I could find, sifting through the contrasting opinions and industry drama. I fell in love and found a passion.

There was only one real obstacle. My husband works for our amazing church and I’m home with kids. Any added habits or hobbies that cost money are not. an. option. The deal was that we can buy this kit but we spend NOTHING else from our household money EVER again. So I started being a little bold for a passive gal and putting my oils on around people, talking about how my kids haven’t been sick much despite the change of season, and sharing a post or 2 about oils on facebook. I signed up for essential rewards faithfully so that I could get the most bang for my qualifying buck. My family started asking questions. My friends started asking questions. They started loving the answers and adding to my order and then signing up. I reached my first and only goal every month: Getting my oils paid for. At that point I felt successful and done.


In the mean time I started a facebook page to post everything I was researching. No “Young Living Opportunity” or “Buy This!” Just tidbits, in depth articles, recipes,and testimonies. People started following and soon some long lost friends were popping up interested, including one of our amazing leaders – Kate DeGraide. That’s the point everything really started to changed for me. I had a builder under me growing like wild fire, blessing my socks off, and driving me to be the girl that supports and encourages her downline. I got to the place where I needed to either do this as a business or let it go and with my husband’s consent I decided to give the business my efforts. I made the choice to change from passive to purposeful.

I wasn’t the best sponsor in the beginning. I still have trouble managing my mommy/wife/house/sleep/oils times within a 24 hour day. I’ve learned so much from my team and upline and continue to run toward my goals purposefully. (That’s why learning opportunities are so exciting and important. Living purposefully in your business, big or small, will CHANGE YOUR OILY LIFE!)

What has become resoundingly clear to me is that Young Living is not like most MLMs. Aside from the fancy pinterest class ideas, motivational pep talks and color coded check lists (all which I LOVE), all you REALLY need for success is a love for Young Living, simple knowledge about essential oils, a good understanding of safety, and a care for people’s well being. That’s really it. I have many members in my downline, and some truly amazing builders underneath me who inspire me daily.

My commission checks come in each month almost as an afterthought. Yay! I can order and buy books and continue this quest. What MATTERS is that my little boy hasn’t had steroids in more than 8 months, my kids haven’t been to a sick visit since I’ve had these oils, my husband is completely off his chronic pain relief use, I’ve never in my life felt better and That’s pretty amazing. I have had some kind of affect on hundreds of women which completely blows my mind. I am a changed woman in so many aspects of my well-being, thanks to Young Living.

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