My name is Alicia Clendennin. I am a nurse by profession and have enjoyed my career for over 35 years.  It’s hard for me to believe it’s been that long since it seems like just yesterday that I started working as a nurse.

I am the proud mother of two wonderful young men.  It wasn’t until the birth of my youngest son that I began the gradual transition from following a medical model of care to integrating it with a more natural approach.  When I became involved with Young Living Essential Oils, I truly made the transition to a healthier lifestyle.  Prior to this, it was simply too hard to fit “healthy living” into my very busy and fun life. alicia's sons


I became involved with Young Living Essential Oils in August of 2014 when a dear friend of mine suggested I try them for health promotion reasons. Admittedly I was a skeptical at first. As a single mom with two boys in college, the cost of the starter kit was not in my budget. I was concerned that I would purchase the oils and then not use them due to being too busy. It was an act of faith that caused me to sign up and start my “oily journey”.

Initially, even as a nurse, I found that I was totally overwhelmed by the oils and all that there was to learn.  Add to it that there were so many oils and I wanted to try them all! I found myself spending my evenings reading everything I could get my hands on, as I tried different oils and experienced their profound effects. At some point, roughly about three months into my “oily experience” I found I was turning to my oils first, before going to over the counter products, my spice rack or chemical cleaning products. Before I knew it my house was 95% chemical free and I was making most of my own products using my oils in DIY recipes I found online.  Much to my amazement, in the time that I have been using EO’s, I’ve found that I’ve saved money as well as time.

It didn’t take long for family, friends and co-workers to start inquiring about the essential oils that I was using and before I knew it they were signing up the be Independent Distributors. It certainly was not my intent to start a business with Young Living Essential Oils when I began this journey.  Approximately 90% of the people who sign up as Independent Distributors/wholesale accounts with Young Living only purchase the oils and other products for their own use, while enjoying the 24% discount. That was my intent as well. So much for well-intended plans! I’m thrilled to say that within a few short months of using EO’s I found myself with a thriving business and have never looked back.

Whether your intent is like my original one………to only buy oils for yourself, or whether your intent is to start a fun and easy to run business, you are in the right place. You are here for a reason. Eagles of Valor is a group of women and men who sincerely care about the health and wellbeing of the people they meet and are involved with.  You couldn’t ask to meet a more sincere and dedicated group of people.  Welcome!  I look forward to sharing your “oily journey” with you.

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