Hi there! My name is Christan Morales and I am thrilled that you are here!I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to you as one of several of the Eagles of Valor leaders here.


I started Young living in Spring 2014 to be able to utilize the products for myself and family. During this time,  just ordering my kit was a stretch. We saw it worth it as our health takes priority over other things.


FullSizeRenderMy hubby and I have 3 great kiddos! Two still at home being home educated and one outside the home with my darling grandson! We live pretty active lives with much volunteering in our church and community. A home based business in network marketing is something I have a 11 year background on, so seeing the potential of YL’s business opportunity excited me. (Honestly – I had to ‘unlearn’ some of what/how I worked before. This is product and education based vs. ‘sales’ based)



I (we) decided our family could definitely benefit from growing this as a business and within our first month, we had earned back what was spent on our first kit purchase. I am grateful that not only have we not spent from our family budget any money for our oils and supplements, but have earned the extra we definitely needed during that unemployment stage we were in. God is good!


I had heard so many people sharing how they built an accidental paycheck and business. Says to me, that just by loving and using the product, and sharing it with friends…it can really be fruitful in many ways. It also spoke volumes to me if you could earn a little without really doing much more than sharing…you can probably earn a LOT by coming up with a plan and being serious! (every great builder has to be ‘on-purpose’ at some point J ) Within 6 months my team grew to the first level in leadership (silver) and as a reward, earned the aroma complete kit free! (that’s the retail value $2,600 one) It was SO fun to be together opening that up! Now my kids are loving trying new things and learning this process of natural wellness first hand. PLUS they are learning about good strong work ethics. Something not taught, but learned in the doing!


Morales - Alex and ChristanAs  team, we are tracking long term goals with success. To know that my Royal Crown Diamond Leader (been in the biz 6 years) has been able to support her family on her YL income alone has been inspirational to me. Reading books like ‘The 4-year Career’ YL edition, has been very encouraging! The residual income I am seeing it for myself.


Life is not about having money or rank on the leader board- but has a lot do with being a good steward in all things – YL embraces that and encourages it. Putting my families needs first is important to us. Sharing this journey with my husband (this is not a gender specific company) has been a tremendous blessing. Sharing it with friends has been icing on the cake. Sharing it with NEW friends…well, there’s nothing like it!

Christan Morales

*See the blog post my husband Alex and I did for our upline YL family- Essential Living – as we share our take on starting a YL business… Click HERE





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