I’ve heard a few times this week “teach me your ways” when it came to how I organize my budget to make the most of what Young Living offers. I can’t wait for you all to see the video I’m working on all about how I work my budget, but until then it’s encouraged me to start sharing my “Making The Most Of It” order and breaking down how I earn so many free goodies! I also find it so fun seeing people’s orders and I’ll get to talk about the few new oils or products I’m trying as well every month (thought this month I’ll refrain since setting this up will take enough words)!

I want to preface this post by saying that, because I’ve started out and kept up with the programs that Young Living offers and have built a business that supports my Young Living habits, what I spend on Young Living and how much I earn free will not be where someone starts out. I believe the only reason Young Living can even do these programs is because most people won’t stick with it. All the better for you and I because we can be savvy, frugal and work the system!

Earning points (i.e. free stuff) from Young Living takes a bit of planning. Along with my Essential Rewards (ER) order I place an ER points redemption order EVERY month. This does a few things for me, 1) it lets me maintain better habits by giving me more money to work with, 2) it gives me an order about every 2 weeks for my customers to add to so that they can save on shipping and I can earn points/use points for their products as well, and 3) it helps me manage my needs because I only need to wait 2 weeks if the products I want work out better in a different order.

Before I get into my real order let me break down what I earn every month in points… First, I earn 20% in ER Points every month. With Essential Rewards orders you start off with 10% but can work your way up to 15% after 6 months and 20% after a year. Next, I hit all of the monthly promotions that I can, there are always amazing products and usually some sort of ER points as well. I now always hit the 300PV promo, but even before I could I would strive for the 190PV. I also order Oil Infused Lifestyle products every month earning me up to 45 points a month and 3% extra ER points because I have done it every month for 5 months, next month (for July) I’ll be earning 6%! Just as a note, for the OIL program I count on June’s points, which I get at the end of July for August’s ER Points order.

So here is my August breakdown, I’m going to speak in terms of PV because all of the shipping and tax will happen either way:

NingXia Red 4 Pack

NingXia Red 4 pk – 127.00*
Thieves Essential Rewards – 115.00 (value: 153 PV)
NEW Thieves Dental Floss 1 ct – 3.25
YL Lip Balm Trio – 11.50 (value: 12.50 PV)*
Orange Essential Oil 15 ml – 10.75
Lime Essential Oil 15 ml – 12.25
Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) 15 ml – 26.00
Total Price: 305.75 PV
Total Value: 344.75 PV
*Oil Infused Lifestyle (OIL) Products

Remainder: 16.74
August ER Points: 61.15
June Promo: 20.00
June OIL Points: 15.00
June 3% Points: 9.01
Total ER Points Earned: 121.90

Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil 8 oz – 31.75
MightyVites Chewable Tablets 90 ct – 24.75
NingXia NITRO 14 tubes – 38.75
SniffleEase – 5m – 17.75
KidScents Slique Toothpaste 4 oz – 7.25
Total PV: 120.25
ER Points Remainder: 1.65

Peppermint Essential Oil 15 ml – 21.50
Basil Essential Oil 5 ml – 10.75
Longevity 30 ct Gel Capsules – 31.75
Total PV Value: 64.00

Total Cost: $305.75
Total Wholesale Value: $531.25
Wholesale Savings: $225.50 FREE
Total Retail Value: $699.01
Retail Savings: $393.26 FREE

Now THAT’S a great deal! Stay tuned next month when I break it down again and share a little more about the Young Living Products I am ordering!

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