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Why hello there! As always, we’re talking about what I’ve ordered from Young Living this month and how much I have saved and gotten free! If you want to know what I do in more detail check out the August Making The Most Of It!

This month I needed to get the last little touches of Christmas shopping tied up. If you want more ideas you can check out my Online Gift Giving Class! Also check out the new Holiday Catalog for last minute ideas!

First, some of the many MUST haves that are currently in stock but aren’t always… Deep Relief is one of my absolute favorite Roll Ons and we are out, so that stays with us. Three facial products are currently in my order, one Mint Facial Scrub and Orange Blossom Facial Wash for me and the ART Cleaner and 2 more scrubs as gifts! If you can grab a scrub I wouldn’t give up the chance, they are awesome! The Orange Blossom Facial Wash seems expensive (because it is)Shutran Shave Cream but it can stretch a full year if you put a bit in a foaming bottle with water (that’s less than $3.50 a month). While we’re talking about the face, the brand new Shutran Shaving Cream is going to a gent that lets me test drive guy products out on him, I’m hearing GREAT things! And last but of course not least, the coveted Valor! I did not think this love would be still be around for the 1st of the month and I’m very happy. I have a few back ups now by they deplete quickly in this house.

Now, AH, I can’t skip mentioning the ridiculous freebie this month! The Everyday Collection used to be the oils you get with a Premium Starter kit. Though we have since changed to the Fields box, this collection isn’t any less AMAZING! Here is what I intend on doing with all the great oils in it, watch me save BIG time (numbers are rounded down and in wholesale so its the minimum savings)! Frankincense I am gifting with a Satin Facial Scrub I got with points, it’s a gift just over $50 wholesale and will do great things for the face FREE! Lavender will be going with the diffuser we got for free in October, an almost $100 wholesale gift and was all FREE. Lemon will be given with a $7 glass water bottle I got in the walmart clearance section for a cheap $10 gift. Peppermint will be another cheap $15 value gift with my homemade hot chocolate and marshmallows that will cost about $5. Tea Tree will be wrapped up with the Sacred Mountain Bar Soap I got with points, with instructions to drop it in her organic shampoo for winter hair which is a $20 wholesale gift for FREE. Panaway is being paired with the free Ortho Sport from last month’s promo for a $70 wholesale gift for FREE. Purification will actually stick with me because my class bottle is looking pretty shabby at this point. Thieves will be off with a bag of Lozenges for a $30 wholesale gift for $20. Stress Away will be paired with the lip balm trio and pack of Thieves Mints I got with points for a $40 wholesale gift I got for $10.  And last but not least Joy is going to get bagged up with the free L Briante’Lip Gloss again making what would be a $60 wholesale gift FREE! That is 9 gifts that would have cost me, with my wholesale account, $395… but I’ve paid less than $45. I’m not even kidding. I LOVE THIS PROMOTION!

So before I get into my entire order I always break down what I earn every month in points…

  • I earn 20% in ER Points every month off my Essential Rewards order
  • I hit all of the monthly promotions with a 300PV order
  • I order Oil Infused Lifestyle products every month earning me up to 45 points
  • I earn 3% extra in ER Points for sticking to OILed for over 6 months

Here you are, my December breakdown. As always I’m speaking in terms of PV because all of the shipping and tax will happen either way:

NingXia Red 2pk – 71.00PV*
NingXia Nitro – 38.75PV*
Thieves Hard Lozenges – 18.50PV*
YL Lip Balm Trio – 11.50PV*
Valor Essential Oil 5ml – 24.75PV
Deep Relief Roll-On – 26.75PV
Bath & Shower Gel Base – 15.50PV
Orange Blossom Facial Wash – 41.00PV
Shutran Shave Cream – 19.75PV
ART Gentle Cleanser – 32.75PV
Total PV Earned: 300.25 PV
*Oil Infused Lifestyle (OIL) Products

Remainder: 28.67
December ER Points: 60.05
October Promo: 20.00
October OIL Points: 30.00
October 3% Points: 9.05
Total ER Points Earned: 147.77

Deep Relief Roll-On – 26.75PV
Bar Soap – Sacred Mountain – 10.25PV
Satin Facial Scrub Mint – 3 total – 48.75PV
Slique Essence – 26.00PV
Thieves Mints 3pk – 34.50PV
Total PV: 146.25
ER Points Remainder: 1.52

Lavender Essential Oil 15ml – 23.50PV
Black Pepper Essential Oil 5ml – 18.75PV
Everyday Oils Collection – 129.75PV
L Briante’™ Lip Gloss – 39.75PV
Total PV Value: 211.75

Total Cost: $300.25
Total Wholesale Value: 658.25 PV
Wholesale Savings:  358.00 PV FREE
Total Retail Value: $877.66
Retail Savings:  $577.41 FREE

This is the most I have EVER saved, and that’s not counting the fact that the Everyday Oils Collection is a saving in itself! Stay tuned next month when I break it down again! Love, Manda

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