Glad to be back for another breakdown of my monthly order! If you want to know what I do, how I earn so many FREE products and why you should start working towards earning TONS of ER points check out the August Making The Most Of It!

These posts have been so fun for me because, though I am usually this organized with my order and how much money is going OUT, I never really work out how much I save. In these 3 months alone I have saved over $675 wholesale or over $1200 retail!!! That’s CRAZY and those amazing products are going into me and my kids in a very real and awesome way! SO COOL! Yes, today I will be using lots of caps!

This month I am focusing on my Christmas shopping and wanted to share some of my favorite buys to keep holiday shopping on the cheap over the next 3 months of this post. You can check out all the ways I save (you’re getting that it’s actually pretty easy to save now that you’ve been reading this series right?!) on gift giving with our Online Gift Giving Class tonight! Also check out the new Holiday Catalog that just came out, I will have many of these in my order over the next 2 months!

First I want to talk about the gem of a product we have pictured above because we haven’t and I just can’t keep adding it to my orders without explaining… everyone and their mother should know about NingXia Red. Why? Frankly it contains an exorbitant amount of antioxidants and in the environments in which we live today this is one of the best wellness choices you can make for your body. Antioxidants are definitely something you want to understand and research. I can’t encourage you enough to buy a bottle and drink just one ounce (or more!) a day for a whole month. Then see if you ever want to live without it… In the same token this is one of my favorite gifts to give. I buy those pretty holiday wine bags, or get crafty making one of those felt wine bottle trees, and stick one of these bad boys in there. It’s not to sell a habit but to gift abundant wellness in a bottle (add a little shot glass for fun). This month I am getting the 4 pack so I will have an extra awesome gift to give away come December to the ones I love the most!

On the other side of things, Young Living has FANTASTIC stocking stuffers. I intend on stuffing all our stockings with wonderful useful things instead of junk. This month I have a slew of them. Here are some of my favorite stocking stuffers:

Stocking Stuffers

And last but certainly not least I wanted to give a shout out to this really amazing collection… The Essence of the Season Collection! Essence of the SeasonIt is one of my favorites for gifting. I break this up into gifts although it’s a gift all on it’s own! Christmas Spirit is the first oil in here that’s great for anyone with a diffuser, or you can pair it with the diffuser given to us this month in the promotion! If you have someone who is already oily then it’s a great hostess gift, or you can use it in DIY potpourri or other fun winter scented projects. Frankincense is invaluable to anyone and a fantastic gift for so many, pair with some pure lotion or carrier oil (Young Living has many) and a sweet card talking about all it’s great features. Myrrh is actually something I will be keeping from this collection as I gave my last away, but it’s another fantastic gift to give away in the same fashion as Frank! And the 2 resins are a very unique gift for someone oily or those who already use incense! Pair with a resin burner or give out little pieces to your downline at a 201 class to see how the resin looks. For about the cost of a bottle of Frankincense this is one cool collection filled with some very special oils and resins!

So before I get into my entire order I always break down what I earn every month in points…

  • I earn 20% in ER Points every month off my Essential Rewards order
  • I hit all of the monthly promotions with a 300PV order
  • I order Oil Infused Lifestyle products every month earning me up to 45 points
  • I earn 6% extra in ER Points for sticking to OILed for 6 months

Here you are, my October breakdown. As always I’m speaking in terms of PV because all of the shipping and tax will happen either way:

NingXia Red 4 pk – 127.00*
ImmuPro Chewable Tablets 30 ct – 38.75
Thieves Hard Lozenges 30 ct – 18.50*

Peace & Calming Essential Oil 5 ml – 24.25
Thieves Spray 3 pk – 23.75
Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier 3 pk – 13.75

Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste 2oz. – 5pk – 28.00
Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste 4 oz – 10.25*
YL Lip Balm Trio x 2 – 23.00*
Total PV Earned: 307.25 PV
*Oil Infused Lifestyle (OIL) Products

Remainder: 10.28
October ER Points: 61.45
August Promo: 20.00
August OIL Points: 15.00
August 6% Points: 18.35
Total ER Points Earned: 125.08

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier 1 oz – 5.00
Ortho Sport Massage Oil 8 oz – 34.75
Essence of The Season Essential Oil Collection – 74.75
Bar Soap – Thieves Bar Soap 3.45 oz – 10.25
Total PV: 124.75
ER Points Remainder: 0.33

Home Diffuser – 63.75
5-ml Clove essential oil – 7.00*
15-ml Thieves essential oil blend – 33.75
Total PV Value: 104.50
Approximate values, the total is not.

Total Cost: $307.25
Total Wholesale Value: 536.50 PV
Wholesale Savings:  229.25 PV FREE
Total Retail Value: $715.33
Retail Savings:  $408.08 FREE

Another great month of savings! Stay tuned next month when I break it down again and share about how Young Living let’s me seriously save and streamline Christmas!

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