Back again for another peek at my monthly order! If you want to know what I do, how I earn so many FREE products and why you should start working towards earning TONS of ER points check out the August Making The Most Of It!

A slight fun update this month: I start earning an additional 6% back on my orders now instead of 3% from my Oil Infused Lifestyle habit (adding an extra 18 points). This program is amazing and everyone should jump in. For less than an extra 25PV (toothpaste and the lip balm trio is the cheapest combo) I can earn 18 ER Points. Awesome! But I digress.

Golden Touch 1 Collection

This month I am focusing on stocking up for the winter months so that October through December I can use my whole ER and Points orders for Christmas shopping (minus our NingXia Red habit and a few needs throughout). Because RC, Raven, DiGize and Thieves are our favorites over the winter I always opt for a Golden Touch kit in the fall. It saves me tons of money, I get a JuvaFlex and EndoFlex which I find invaluable and many times out of stock, and Melrose which I use in my daily facial regiment. This is also a great kit to split up for gift giving so I will likely get another one for different people in my life as Christmas gifts… we’ll see next month!

MelissaI’d also love to tell you about the beauty I bought outside of my Rewards orders at the end of August. Every once in a while I do this because I need something urgently or it’s something you can’t buy in ER (like another kit)… Be still my heart, it’s Melissa! This oil is not for the faint of heart, at $157.75 for 5ml it is an incredible cost. But I have researched this oil over the past few months, counselled with oily gurus, my husband (have you ever told your hubby you were about to spend $160 on a thimble full of plant material before?!), and have concluded that I do not want to go through the next 9 New England months without this baby (no, I’m not pregnant)! Melissa has an aroma that is strengthening and revitalizing, yet soothing and calming. It’s comforting during the winter season and supportive of immune system function. Melissa has an approximate ORAC of 1,343,547 and if you can swallow the dollar sign it has the potential of turning you into golum huddled in the corner saying my precious and letting NO ONE touch it. So don’t ask. Kidding! Kind of…

So before I get into my entire order let me break down what I earn every month in points…

  • I earn 20% in ER Points every month off my Essential Rewards order
  • I hit all of the monthly promotions with a 300PV order
  • I order Oil Infused Lifestyle products every month earning me up to 45 points
  • I earn 6% extra in ER Points for sticking to OILed for 6 months

Without further adieu here is my September breakdown, I’m continuing to speak in terms of PV because all of the shipping and tax will happen either way:

NingXia Red Essential Rewards Pack – 181.50 (Value: 211.50PV)*
Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste 4 oz – 10.25*
Thieves Hard Lozenges 30 ct – 18.50*
Inner Defense 30 Softgels – 26.75*
Frankincense Essential Oil 5 ml – 73.50
Total PV Earned: 310.50 PV
Total Value: 340.50 PV
*Oil Infused Lifestyle (OIL) Products

Remainder: 0.14
September ER Points: 62.10
July Promo: 30.02
July OIL Points: 15.00
July 6% Points: 18.02
Total ER Points Earned: 125.28

Golden Touch 1 Essential Oil Collection – 84.75
MightyVites Chewable Tablets 90 ct – 24.75
Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier 3 pack – 13.75
Total PV: 123.25
ER Points Remainder: 2.03

Mineral Essence – 28.75
Tangerine Essential Oil 15 ml – 16.00
Lemon Essential Oil 5 ml – 5.25*
Aroma Life 5 ml – 20.50*
Total PV Value: 70.50
Approximate values, the total is not.

Total Cost: $310.50
Total Wholesale Value: 534.25 PV
Wholesale Savings:  223.75 PV FREE
Total Retail Value: $712.32
Retail Savings:  $401.82 FREE

Another great month of savings! Stay tuned next month when I break it down again and share about how Young Living let’s me seriously save and streamline Christmas!

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