Since May has some AMAZING promotional steals I thought I would put out another peek at my monthly order! If you want to know what I do, how I earn so many FREE products and why you should start working towards earning TONS of ER points check out the August Making The Most Of It!

I wanted to start off with a special note… the Vitality Oils have the same cost and PV, but you are not able to purchase them with ER points (including the collection). So when you’re shopping, plan accordingly!

Well it’s Mother’s Day this month, so I had stocked up my ER order with loving gifts for 2 of my 3 Moms I’m buying for (the other is getting a diffuser I got for free during the fall). Then last night happened, AKA the Promotions came out. If I hit 425 PV I would earn the 2 best gifts for the moms I was shopping for… FREE! So, of course I just had to! And it turned out to be one of my proudest ordering moments yet! You see, I also have 4 sisters that are moms, and I have some birthdays and gifting to do for a few of my Young Living team members. So I am making up a few little gift sets…

Thieves Dish Soap Gift Set

4 Pampered Sista Sets, each including:
A Lemon Vitality, Lavender Vitality, 1 YL Dish Towel, Lavender Foaming Hand Soap and a 2oz travel squirt bottle of the Bath & Shower Gel Sample with added Melrose and Cedarwood. ($38.50 wholesale, $51.90 retail value each)

2 Scrub-a-dub Sets, each including:
A Thieves Dish Soap, Lavender Foaming Soap, and 1 YL Dish Towel. ($29.25 wholesale, $39.50 retail value each)

2 Springtime Pep Sets, each including:
A Lemon Vitality, Lavender Vitality and Peppermint Vitality (great to put in a capsule together), along with a Thieves Hand Purifier. ($33 wholesale, $44.60 retail value each)

I was super happy with these little sets, and they will be so cute simply wrapped in some brown paper or even in a rolled down paper bag with some stamps. I will gift the diffuser with the free Cedarwood, and the ART Collection to 2 different moms, as well as a free Diffuser I got this fall with a bottle of Purification. Those oils both cater to the individual recipient.

And because my gifts were all free I purchased something that I’ve REALLY been wanting…

Culinary Collection

The new Essential Oil Culinary Collection. I am so excited about this collection, and maybe more excited about the cute display I will be putting in my spice cabinet. I will be clearing out some things in there that these replace as well! Win, win, win. The rest of my order is just our usual NingXia Red, some Citronella for an outdoor mist, and 4 leftover Thieves hand Purifiers for little handouts at classes.

So there you have it, my May Essential Rewards orders. Here’s the breakdown of savings:

6 – Lemon Vitality – $37.50
6 – Lavender Vitality – $70.50
2 – Peppermint Vitality – $20.00
2 – Thieves Dish Soap Set (27.50 PV) – $52.00
Bath & Shower Gel Base – $15.50
Purification Essential Oil – $18.75
NingXia Red 4 pack – $127.00
2016 Essential Oil Culinary Collection – $110.25
Total PV Earned: 427.00 PV
Total Cost: $451.50

Remainder: 9.78
May ER Points: 85.40
February Promo: 30.00
Total ER Points Earned: 125.18

2 – Lavender Foaming Soap 3 pk – $63.00
Citronella Essential Oil – $19.50
2 – Thieves Hand Purifier 3 pk – $27.50
Total PV: 110.00
ER Points Remainder: 15.18

Manuka Essential Oil – 35.75
Melrose Blend – 19.75
Cedarwood Essential Oil – 6.25
Art Skin Care System – 109.75
Dewdrop Diffuser – 63.75
Total PV Value: 235.25

Total Cost: $451.25
Total Wholesale Value: $796.75
Wholesale Savings:  $345.50 FREE
Total Retail Value: $1,076.70
Retail Savings:  $625.45 FREE

I mean seriously! Check out that savings!!!! Comment below to let us know how you saved this month!

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