aria diffuser white firDiffusing the Situations

Have you ever experienced a Sitch-i-a-shun that need some diffusin’!? I think we ALL have at a time or two! Well…I am excited that you really CAN Diffuse Situations!!! Its amazing how a healthy, natural scent can transform and affect our attitude. think about it… what do you think of when warm cookies are being baked? or when there is fresh cut grass? the walk in the woods? usually these are very uplifting smells that remind us of something fond!

The First thing I did when I got my Premium Starter Kit was Roll-on some stress away (totally LOVE the smell!!)

NEXT I grabbed the diffuser, set it up and added 10 drops of joy….hit the on button and sat back and enjoyed the aroma while opening the rest of my kit contents! I have completely enjoyed experimenting different combinations of oils in the diffuser.

One of my favorite diffuser recipe is 8 drops grapefruit and 3 drops of peppermint! The aroma is wonderful to stimulate alertness and mental clarity 🙂

Diffusing is a wonderful way to get the benefits of Essential Oils in an aromatic way. Young Livings Diffusers are not heated…therefore leaving the Oils Properties in the best form. When the oils are heated, the constituents change and can lose some of their medicinal properties.

1- If you are new to oils, I recommend starting off slowly. Just a few drops of oil to start, and not all day long.  Start with maybe an hour and see how you do.

2- Fill it half way and use half the drops first to see if you like an aroma

Diffuser ideas!!
1- Purification (5-8 drops) to rid a ‘not-so-pleasant aroma’ and clean the air!

2- Thieves (5-8 drops) to support immunity…especially when company is over and/or in the seasons we need ‘a little more.’

3- Joy (5-8 drops) …This aroma is very uplifting to the spirits…you can also use it in the evening with that special someone to enhance the mood too 😉

4- Morning Wake up – Any citrus (4 drops) and peppermint (2 drops)!

5- Lavender, Lemon and peppermint  (3 drops each) is GREAT in the Spring and Fall!!!

6- Smells like Gum!! 2 drops spearmint 3 drops lemon

7- Candy Canes! ylang ylang and peppermint 2-3 drops each

8- Time for bed! Lavendar and cedar wood – 2-3 drops each

The list really goes on…. Why not try some something new – and share in the comments below –

Feel free to visit our ‘About Essential Oils section for videos on how to and safety; If you are just starting out…remember to take it one drop at a time! #JointheRevOILution and visit our Welcome Letter to you!

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