Its that time of year! Everyone is headed (or for the sad few just plain) back to school.

We had a really fun back to school class a couple weeks ago and wanted to share some of our favorite products that are invaluable on our back to school shopping lists!

First off, if we’re talking about going back to school then we are talking about a whole new routine from summer. And that takes energy. Moms and dad, these will be your best friends trying to get get back into a routine…


And of course that also means good new habits for the little ones too, who need to sustain their patience and grow their brains while they get acclimated back into the academic life. We love these products for assisting that effort!


Now whether your mini me comes walking back through the door after school or has been home for it, creating a study environment in the home is very helpful in homework or homeschool! We love these oils diffused to create that awesome environment. Whether they need to calm and relax or whether it’s better to have a focused “get it done” attitude, here are our favorites for each category:


And of course probably one of the hardest changes that needs to happen when getting back to school… getting to bed early to wake up early! Here are our favorite diffusing blends for bedtime, as well as some invigorating blends for when we aren’t feeling so hot and need to be rustled out of bed (or when we’ve come in contact with one to many kids and want to get back to school as quick as we can)!


Speaking of which, as we know once school start and the cooler weather comes in our systems will be under pressure. To keep our bodies well we need to support or Immune and Digestive systems! Here are our favorite products to help us accomplish that!


And finally, no oily backpack can be complete without these awesome helpers!


To watch our whole class you can check out on this YouTube playlist and although you won’t be eligible for the giveaways we will go over all these fun things above.

Happy school days!

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