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We are a group of women & men, friends & family, sisters & brothers, ┬ámom’s & dads, professionals & newbies, who are passionate about getting back to the grass-roots of life. We believe that we should be our best advocates and take responsibility for all areas of our life… our wellness in all ways… education, finances, physical health, family time, all our relationships, our faith and more…

This website is designed for our ‘oily’ stories and supports the community within, with encouragement and edification to one another. Our blog has multiple contributors with recipes and DIY’s, to every day uses and more! You will also find an area to meet our members also! We truly love our community!

Sometimes it takes great courage to go against the main stream and be responsible for oneself and decisions we make…which has wandered far from the grass-roots of how we started… Welcome to the Eagles of Valor! Come and soar with us! Check out our blog and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

If you haven’t started your ‘Oily Journey’ with Young Living, be sure to contact the person who first introduced you or click the about us section┬áto get started.

Feel free to watch this class and Discover Essential Oils with Young Living…

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